“Growth is this: to be defeated by ever greater things”

Rainer Maria Rilke

German Poet

Are you ready for the next big leadership challenge?

Meet Mike Palanski
The Me1st Method Book
Coaching and Consulting

i help leaders find, face, and embrace their next big challenge

I’m Dr. Mike Palanski. For over 17 years, I have helped leaders through coaching, teaching, and conducting peer-reviewed research.

I help Next Big Challenge leaders:

  • Leaders who are asking “what’s next” as they look to expand their influence, move to a new job or career path, or take on a new role
  • Leaders who are involved in a major change initiative
  • Leaders who are asking “now what” as their efforts do not seem to be having much of an impact
  • Leaders who are desiring to lead global and multi-cultural teams more effectively
Meet Mike

My company, MPower2lead, is the primary point of contact for my services:

  • My book, The Me1st Method: A Leader’s Guide to Finding, Facing, and Embracing Your Next Big Challenge
Learn More about The Me1st Method Book
  • My Me1st Academy coaching services:
    • The Me1st Community, a coaching and training community for Next Big Challenge leaders
    • The Me1st Cohort program, an intimate and intensive small group coaching program
    • The Me1st by Design option, a custom-designed 1:1 coaching experience
  • My consulting services:
    • Cultural Intelligence (CQ) assessment and training
    • 360 degree leadership development surveys
      • Custom-designed with full implementation
      • Custom-designed turnkey solutions
      • Professional, impartial evaluation of third-party solutions (so you know what you are getting before you purchase)
Learn More about Coaching and Consulting

“The coaching sessions I’ve received from Mike were invaluable to my growth as a business leader…”

Nicki Vo, Director of Technology, Hydrite Chemical Company

“Mike’s coaching pushes past the superficial…”

Lauren Grimshaw, CEO, COVI Consulting

“In a world sorely needing effective and empathetic leadership, Mike will help you and your team get there through coaching and example.”

Joaquin Roca, Co-Founder & CEO at Minerva

“With Mike’s guidance, I was able to transform myself from a hardcore engineer into a business leader.”

Sathish Sakthivelan, Process Mining Engineer, Dell Technologies